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This is my place on the Internet, where I write on topics I find interesting. Mostly about modern reactive web development, together with a healthy dose of career and productivity tips.

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Work In Progress

  • Firebase authentication with Svelte and XState

    Learn how build Firebase authentication in Svelte with the help of XState

Latest Articles

  1. How to build a Todo app with RxJS, Svelte and Firebase

    Let's continue playing with Firebase by building a Todo app with Svelte and RxJS.

    · 11 min

  2. Building a notification center with Svelte stores

    You have seen them everywhere. That little bell icon in the upper right corner with unread messages count. Learn how to build one with Svelte stores and Tailwind CSS.

    · 10 min

  3. Ace your first job interview

    You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Make sure you nail it.

    · 5 min

  4. Smooth local Firebase development setup with Firebase emulator and Snowpack

    Turns out it's not that simple to get local Firebase emulators up and running. I went through the process and documented it on the way.

    · 8 min

  5. Svelte form validation with Yup

    Learn what Yup is, why it's awesome and how to use it with Svelte

    · 7 min