Hey! I'm Ilia /ee · lee · uh/. CTO. Maker. Friend. Manager by day, hacker by night.

This is my place on the Internet, where I write on topics I find interesting. Mostly about modern reactive web development, together with a healthy dose of career and productivity tips.

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Work In Progress

  • Snowpack for Svelte development revisited

    I tested Snowpack v2-rc for Svelte some time ago. Has anything changed since?

Latest Articles

  1. Managing Svelte UI state with Robot FSM

    Simplifying UI state in Svelte with Finite State Machines using Robot FSM library

    · 9 min

  2. Learn Fast, Earn Fast

    Life is all about learning, but what is the best way to learn?

    · 6 min

  3. Tailwind UI dropdown menu - React vs Svelte

    Which framework is better for Tailwind UI - React or Svelte?

    · 3 min

  4. Svelte, PostCSS and TypeScript with Svite bundler

    Is Svite the fastest way to get your new Svelte project off the ground?

    · 4 min

  5. Solid Sapper setup with PostCSS and Tailwind

    I spent some time trying to get Sapper to play nice with PostCSS and Tailwind CSS

    · 5 min