The chained elephant

The story of the chained elephant and you

Every seen an elephant chained to a pole? It makes you wonder how come this massive and intelligent animal doesn't break the chain and just walk away to freedom. The pole and the chain would not stand a chance if only elephant decided to do it.

But the elephant does nothing. Instead, it quietly stands still chained to the pole.


Elephant's past that is holding it back. You see, when the elephant was just a baby it got chained by its foot to the very same pole. Of course the elephant didn't like it and tried to break free. However, it was still to small and too weak to break free. But the elephant didn't give up on the first try. It tried over and over again.

Every time the elephant tried to break free, the chain that was tied to its foot started to dig into its flesh. It quickly created a painful wound. As the time went by every new attempt to break free started to feel.

In very short period of time the elephant internalized that its escape attempts are associated with pain. It eventually gave up and accepted its destiny, being chained to the pole its whole life.

I don't remember where I first heard the story but it really resonated with me.

Hope it did with you too.

Don't let your past chain you down
Don't let your past chain you down, my friend.