You are reading the book of me, Ilia Mikhailov. I have not yet decided on how many chapters it will have.

I try to embrace the concept of a digital garden except in book form. I like books and I find the format enjoyable. It might also be a homage to the old school readme sites and online man pages, but with a modern twist. I've read my share of those back in the days and always found them easy to scan and digest.

Hopefully this format will also allow me to share more of semi-structured thoughts and shorter pieces. I've been writing a lot of long reads lately and that has lead to less frequent posts because of lack of time and energy. Normal post ratio is usually one hour of writing time to one minute of reading time. Writing is hard work.

This site is intentionally made to be lo-fi. The main focus is on the content. I try to keep the design minimal and use as little CSS and JavaScript as possible.

There is no dark mode support and I have no plans to implement it unless at least 3 readers send me an email and ask for it.

My goal is to remove and not add to keep things simple, light and fast.

Finding your way

On the front page you will find the main table of contents with all the top level links. In the bottom right corner you will find a chapters link which is a tad more detailed version of all the articles.

There is no search on this site, but you can always use Google to find all indexed content.

If you are curious you can see what I am up to right now and what setup I use.


This site statically generated from Markdown files and is built on top of Eleventy and hosted on Vercel. All blog posts are written in Neovim in the terminal, most of them in late evenings or during weekends.

Ways to keep up

If you want to know when new posts are published you can subscribe to the updates at the bottom of the front page and I will send you an email with the link. Or you can follow me on Twitter. You can also grab the RSS feed if you want to follow my work in the feed reader.

Sharing is caring

My goal is not to monetize this site but to help people. If you find something that you like or something that has helped you please share it with your friends or on Twitter.


Unfortunately, I do use Google Analytics on this site, but have plans to switch to another, more privacy-oriented, analytics platform. I don't do anything special with tracking information, except look at the normal everyday stats, but Google might. If this fact makes you uncomfortable please use Brave.


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