Reactivity News #14

Repost of Reactivity News July 2021 edition, my Svelte focused newsletter

Svelte Society has reached 10K Twitter followers. Cool! Over all feels like Svelte is gaining ground. There are suddenly a lot of posts about people migrating their blogs to Svelte and a lot of posts on how to build your blog in Svelte. If that's not a sign of the tipping point then I don't know what is!

Svelte Trunk#

One release last month. Feels like there is currently a lot of focus on SSR. For details see Svelte's official blog post.

SvelteKit Trunk#

Still a lot of stuff to nail down, but that doesn't stop people using it in production.


Svelte in large companies

More and more larger companies are betting on Svelte. I know about Ikea, but sadly don't know the story behind the decision. Among others are Square, Brave Search, and Decathlon. That last site is blazing fast and a joy to browse. A rare find in today's sluggish world of ecommerce.

Snappy PWA

Parsnip is a mobile-first, progressive-web-app that helps you to learn to cook at home. Built entirely with Svelte, Routify, TailwindCSS, and Firebase. Feels really snappy on mobile! Here is the story and tech behind it.

Timeline of rontend frameworks

Cool timeline animation video about the popularity of JS frameworks. Hard to imagine that even React was small back in the days and nice to see that Svelte is on the rise!

SolidJS hits 1.0

SolidJS, the fastest React inspired framework without virtual DOM, has finally hit release 1.0 and with it came a new website. It has a nice tutorial that was clearly inspired by Svelte's. In my opinion Solid is an advanced framework and some concept might be had to grasp if you are new to web development. I really dig Solid and hope that it gains in popularity.

Utility CSS framework in SASS

It was only a matter of time before someone would build a CSS utility framework ala Tailwind in SASS. There is UniformCSS and YoghurtCSS. Both look interesting!

Enrichment Calculator

Nice app build with Svelte and IBM Carbon Components. No, it won't help you get rich. Sorry!

Alpine.js 3.0

Alpine.js. which describes itself as "Tailwind but for JS", has hit 3.0. It now has an website. Check it out!


The friendly full-stack language with "groundbreaking memoized DOM" that compiles down to JS. Looks cool and reminds me a bit of CoffeeScript, but on steroids.

Another RxJS + Svelte example

I think that RxJS is really cool and wish that more people discovered this library. Here is a Svelte REPL that showcases some common RxJS operators and how to use them as Svelte stores

Migrating from Sapper to SvelteKit

More and more people are migrating their Sapper apps to Svelte. I should probably do the same soon. It's always interesting to read up on their experience. Warning for strong colors!

YASSG (Yet Another Static Site Generator) from the people behind Snowpack. Only this one is framework agnostic and renders the entire site to static HTML.

Bad Joke Of The Month#

What do you call 2000 pounds of bones? A skele-ton!

That's it for this month!